My Favorite Youtube Makeup Artists



Okay so upon first tutorial you have no idea that there are two of them. She/They seem identical and just as sweet and as helpful as they can be. They definitely make professional beauty look easy and give a variety of tutorials to boot.

EnKore Makeup

EnKore's Site

Nevermind the theme music he is better than jazzhands. Knowledgeable, thorough and fun is the flavor that comes through in his videos. After you are done you'll want to grab a brush.



Honestly one of my favorites, she doesn't have many tutorials but makes truly complicated looking eyes easy.

Eyez on Makeup



Okay, lets face it her delivery is a little unpolished, but her work is great. Her Youtube tutorials are clear and offer a bit of variety. She makes very attractive work seem simple and shows us how to make vivid colors look like they can be worn by anyone.

There is no video here as she has requested no embeded code.

Kandee Johnson

Kandee Johnson

She has a great personality. I don't really find all her tutorials easy to duplicate. However, she is really fantastic and does a variety of looks.