Lush and Verdant's Color for March

All Lush and Verdant March purchase Subscribers your colors were mailed by February 28th 2012.

Lush and Verdant introduces this months newest lip cream color Diva!

We are simply delighted to introduce you to this highly pigmented, long-lasting lipstick that delivers rich color.

Diva uses our exclusive Intense™ Technology that incorporates intense pigments for full, color and complete application. This glossy deep black color is alluring and is to be worn people of the same. 


How To: Blend, Blend, Blend Parts 1 & 2 !

Most of the time the difference between good make up and bad makeup is not the colors one chooses or where they place the makeup its the fact that people don't blend their makeup properly. Sometime their blush is too harsh, or one eye doesn't match the other. Well you can end all of that madness with proper blending and these videos will show you so many techniques you are bound to find a few you can use!

Part I : Blending for your eyes!

Part 2: Blending for your face!

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Soaps: A review

Today's Review is all about suds.

I will be comparing Ivory (bar), Lanome's Exfoliant Fraichelle (scrub), and Orange-Moon Beauty's premium handmade soap.


Pros: Inexpensive, fresh, great for dermatology concerns, light, and easy to obtain.

Cons: Boring! I am pleased with the overall quality but if there is an opportunity to purchase just about anything else I am so for it!



Pros:  Exfoliates, fragrant, feels softer immediately.

Cons: Stinky (unless you like smelling like a garden). Granules are sparse, which gives you an odd impression - is it a scrub? is it a soap?, confused on whether or not I was as clean as I wanted to be.



Pros: Beautiful scent, fragrance fills the shower, bath, moisturizing, light, lathers well.

Cons: Only available online!

Orange Moon Beauty


Stop concealer creasing! OK, well limit concealer creases!

First make sure your under eye is free from extra oil and moisture. So if you use any under eye creams etc please make sure it has completely dried before applying the concealer.

Next, place your concealer in the designated areas and blend into place. 

Last dust a matching powder in the area.

The powder helps to absorb extra moisture in the area, finishes the look and seals the concealer!

Note: For extra help use a primer before the concealer and blot with thin ply of kleenex under eye before it is dried.


HOW TO: Color Blocking!

Learn the easy way to Color Block using tips and tricks from Denise N Verdant using Lush and Verdant Cosmetics!

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Introducing Laremy!!!

All Lush and Verdant announcing Laremy!

Lush and Verdant introduces Laremy! This vibrant blue is a smooth color rich blue that can be worn on a variety of skin types. 
Get your semi-gloss haute lip color today! 


Redefine your Features with Extreme Contouring!

Redefine your Features with Extreme Contouring, ..... or become a more flawless you!

Please click the link for a video detailing extreme contouring.


Blush Me Baby (3 different ways to place blush)

Blush Me Baby!!!!

Across the face: 

Exact Placement: From the top of the inner ear to the top of the cheekbone & from the bottom of the inner ear to the top lip. 

Why: to widen the face ex. cheekbones protrude to far, or thin face.

Downside: If face is not slender enough one can look larger.


Exact Placement: Smile: place your hands in the front of your face where your cheeks are, you've found it. 

Why: easy to find, and if YOUNG ENOUGH looks youthful. 

Downside: If not YOUNG ENOUGH, can look clownish, overdone or may cause misplacement when face moves. 


Exact Placement: Smile: touch your cheek, where there is bone, that is your cheekbone, where there is not it is not the cheekbone. 

Why: easy to find, and can "lift" the face.

Downside: may not give enough coverage but usually will. 

For more information on how to place blush, bronzer and highlight you can watch my video here: