Another way to blush Part 4 of 5

Similarly to how sculpting cuts the shape of a round or square face, highlighting cuts the weighing of a top-heavy heart-shaped face. Choosing a neutral shade of blush is best for this technique, where the blush is applied to the upper cheekbone (being careful not to apply it to the under-eye area), then blended back towards the temples.
The color can also be brought up across the brow bone. This technique is similar to the classic method, only lifting it a tad higher and using a c-shape motion instead of a figure-8.


Another way to blush Part 3 of 5

Apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks and softly blend out in circular motions. Blending is key to keeping this technique from looking like a clown.
Be sure not too blend in too closely to the nose, or you may look like you just got in from a brisk run in the cold.


Another way to blush Part 2 of 5

For faces that are fuller at the middle, sculpting with blush is a great way to cut the volume and even out the weighting of the face. Similarly to how you would contour with a bronzer, start at the hairline (at the middle of the ear) and blend towards the corner of the mouth.


Another way to blush: Part 1 of 5

Start on the apple of your cheek and apply the blush in a figure-8 shape, angled from your cheek to your hairline.  This motion places the color where it needs to be and blends out the edges for a fool-proof, sunburst-effect.


Body preps for your wedding. Part V


You can get your body in shape without lifting a weight or walking a mile (though both will help relieve stress and whittle away at the inches). From the inside, a daily multivitamin can work wonders on a range of ills -- from digestive issues to sleeping problems to frayed nerves. Vitamins also up your energy factor, making wedding planning easier. On the outside, exfoliation is the name of the game, because it makes skin feel softer and more toned (no gym required!). Use an exfoliator each day, whether in the form of a loofah or a body scrub.


Sparkling Green Eyeshadow Tutorial

Body preps for your wedding. Part IV


For that all-important kiss at the end of the ceremony, you'll want your lips to be in the best possible shape. A Vitamin E stick (sold at pharmacies and health food stores) can combat cracks and creases that weather and nervous lip biting can cause. You should also exfoliate your lips at least once a week, to clear away dead skin Wet a toothbrush with warm water and brush lips with a gentle back-and-forth motion. Finally, protect your kisser with sunscreen, as the sun can leave lips looking -- and feeling -- parched.

Body preps for your wedding. Part III


Dark circles and puffiness are common bride-to-be afflictions (all those late nights pouring over the seating chart is bound to take a toll, after all). Since the skin around your eyes is particularly sensitive, be gentle take off eye makeup with a water-soluble remover (don't scrub), and keep rubbing to a minimum. A nightly application of eye cream, in combination with adequate sleep, will improve the appearance of dark circles and a cool compress once or twice a week (or as needed) helps keep puffiness at bay. During the days before the wedding, steer clear of too much salty food, which can cause eyes to look swollen.

Body preps for your wedding. Part I


Great bridal locks require a little love and devotion. We all know that washing, blow-drying, and heat-styling on a daily basis makes for a messy head, full of split ends and "wispies" (those little broken pieces of hair that stick up from your scalp). Start repairing from the inside out. Experts believe that a diet filled with Vitamin B helps bring out your hair's natural shine (dull hair is actually a symptom of a Vitamin B deficiency). Foods like fish, nuts, and eggs will give you a good head start. On the outside, an invigorating scalp massage and deep conditioning treatment (about 4 weeks prior to the event) not only feels good, but stimulates the hair follicles and adds body. FYI Despite what many bottles claim, there is no way to repair damaged ends -- once your hair breaks, get a trim.

Body preps for your wedding. Part II


When it comes to the best way to care for your face, there are many schools of thought but here are a few good pointers for common issues A dermatologist can help those fighting a losing acne battle, by prescribing topical creams and oral pills, or administering facial peels to knock out bacteria and oils. Start seeing a derm six months before the wedding-your skin will need to adjust to a new regimen, and your body to any new medications. If you're looking to bring a dull complexion to life, an aesthetician at your local spa can provide a series of facials that clear blackheads, slough off dead skin cells, and improve circulation. (Start these visitations six months prior as well-and don't dare get a facial within ten days of your wedding.) But the real secret to great skin? Water. Drink tons of H2O before and on your wedding day to make your face look dewy and radiant. Most importantly DO NOT DO ANY PEELS, BRASIONS, EXTREME procedures at least 3 weeks to the event. Give your skin time to heal.