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Here is a place where you can post your reviews! Please email your contact information to lushandverdant@gmail.com in order to receive your free sample. 

Write a Review, Get Free Stuff !!!!

Here at Lush and Verdant Company we’re big fans of reviews. We like to know how we’re doing and what our customers think of us. Good or bad, it’s always nice to hear how things are working out.
To get more feedback we decided we had to make it worth your while and we’re doing that by promising you that if you write a review about us on any social media site and let us know by sending us the link we’ll send you a sample absolutely free! Post either your review or your link to facebook/lushandverdant
It’s a great extension that makes it easy for your customers to talk about your products,  and expand your product content. It’s also free, did we mention that?
Below are places that you can write a review about our products but feel free to include a review anywhere you are comfortable just be sure to send us the link. Please email your contact information to lushandverdant@gmail.com in order to receive your free sample. 
1 sample per customer.
Other places to write reviews:

Our Twitter account is @DenisenVerdant
Or lushandverdant

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