Suffering from allergies can cause a variety of issues, not only difficulty breathing and speaking but your allergies can also cause beauty issues. 

For instance nasal congestion may cause blood to flow back up under the eyes and can produce dark circles not to mention puffiness.   In order to lessen these affects you may use cold tea bags, cucumbers or even a cold compress (wet towel) on and near the affected area. The caffeine in the tea bags will slightly reduce the swelling but the additional cool temperature help constrict blood vessels, minimize darkness, and it will also help reduce  swelling.


Too Much Scent

If you overdue your perfume or cologne cut down the scent by dampening a cotton ball with alcohol and rub it over skin. The alcohol will cut the strength of the scent.


L'Oreal's Youth Code Serum Review

I was going to write an excellent short piece on L'Oreal's Youth Code Serum. I have used it for about 3-4 months off and on and noticed very positive results. Among them are better skin elasticity, skin feels firmer and a tad bit brighter (not lighter).

However, while researching I found a much better piece than I would have written and I posted the information below or you can access it using this link.

f there’s one thing that L’Oréal is great at, it’s marketing.  The powerhouse skincare and cosmetics company, which houses not only L’Oréal itself but also such big names as Lancôme, The Body Shop, Kiehls, and Skinceuticals is now launching Youth Code ($29.95 for trial set,, its latest in self-deemed ‘revolutionary’ skincare.

Probiotics in Skin Care?

The secret to L’Oréal Youth Code appears to be in the product line’s inclusion of Pro-GenTMtechnology, AKA bifida ferment lysate, AKA probiotic bacteria.  Although it has been suggested by many in the past that probiotics do not have any effect on the skin, recently published research inExperimental Dermatology suggests that bifidobacterium may stimulate the skin’s ability to repair itself.   It is suspected that bifidobacterium may decrease skin sensitivity by reducing neuronal reactivity and accessibility, as suggested by the cells’ decreased release of the peptide CGRP upon exposure to capsaicin in in vitro studies.

Synergistic Antioxidants

Unfortunately, despite its claims of ten-plus years of research backing, L’Oréal Youth Code doesn’t contain any other truly new or revolutionary ingredients.   It does, however, contain two synergistic antioxidants, vitamin C (as photostable ascorbyl glucoside) and vitamin E.   Vitamin C and E reinforce the power of one another, as when one antioxidant is depleted, it can “borrow” an electron from the other to renew itself.   Together, vitamins C and E have also been reported to prevent the formation of toxic compounds called carcinogenic nitrosamines in the skin.   And for those looking to stave off the deleterious aging effects of UV exposure for a few more years, vitamin C and vitamin E have also been shown to enhance the photoprotective effects of sunscreen, though vitamin C has been reported to enhance UVA protection, whereas vitamin E is more effective against UVB radiation.

Who’s This Best For, My Mother or Me?

With all this having been said, I think L’Oréal Youth Code is a better skin care regimen for young women who are looking to prevent signs of aging, rather than those who are already experiencing fine lines, wrinkles, serious hyperpigmentation (i.e., solar lentingos), or the like.  The reason I say this is two-fold:  First and foremost, the most active and revolutionary ingredients, bifida ferment lysate and vitamins C and E, have effects that are altogether more preventative than restorative.  In fact, only 69-71% of women who used Youth Code reported a decrease in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, which is not altogether all that promising, considering the high concentration of line-filling silicones in the product as well as the consideration that about 2/3 of subjects in studies generally report improvements due to a placebo effect anyway.   Second,  women who are looking to treat existing signs of aging would be better off investing in proven ingredients like retinoids, AHAs (although never together with retinoids, as they inactivate one another due to differing optimal pH levels), and, of course, targeted in-house treatments from the dermatologist.

In Summary:


LNV's Whole Face Palettes!

LNV introduces its New Whole Face Palettes!

Choose any color of any collection of your choice for a full face look. Lip colors, skin bronzers, eyeliners, shimmers, eye colors, and blushes all are included in your choices. 

The Apex Collection is pictured below:

UL: Golden Girl Bronzer UR:Oooh Oooh Baby eyeshadow or blush
LL: Black Gel eyeliner LR: Rose lip gloss


Help for Dry Skin & Chapped Lips

When looking for items that will help with dry, chapped lips or even sore skin caused from winter change look for items that contain glycerin. Glycerin is not only inexpensive and widely available it can be found in all types of over the counter products. 

Glycerin has a variety of uses which include acting as a humectant. Humectants are substances that facilitates water retention. This process is important in protecting moisture for the skin. 

Glycerin is also believed to play a role in cell maturation.
 A study was conducted on mice that were genetically modified so that they didn't have the channels through which glycerol is transported. When glycerol was applied topically or given orally to them, their skin problems were alleviated to a great extent 

Finally, at least for this article is that glycerin improves and protects dry skin by filling up the intercelluar matrix and also helps in building an even skin structure.

More information can be found here.


Little Richard and Pancake #31

Today's Post is about "Little Richard" who was born 80 years ago today in Macon, Georgia.While we could go on and on about this musical legend's enormous talents and contributions. It is with great pride that I take this time to discuss his other valuable contribution, his style.  Little Richard was wildly popular in the 1950's and some of this had to be in part to his flashy style which included pancake #31.

Although beauty is a billionaire dollar industry it wasn't until the mid to late 90's that colors were available for darker tones of women. Pancake was/is the earliest version of readily available make up for women of color. Little Richard although a man wore this make up as well as flashy gowns, lashes and exotic costumes. He brought flashiness to the stage in a wild and entertaining way and made women think well if a man can look that good.

So in that spirit we salute you Little Richard on this your 80th birthday! Thank you for your music, your gifts and your lasting impressions.

To find out more about men in make up go to: Men in Makeup


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Examples of Ombre Lips on Darker skin


Creating an Ombre Look

When I was growing up a quick way to add some ummph to your look without a lot of knowledge was to line your lips with a black eyeliner add some gloss and bam. You are ready. Now with the internet and youtube as well as local make up artist at every counter we can add a bit more flare by adding some color in the liner and the lips. In order to create an ombre look it is easiest to fill in the lighter color mainly focusing on the inner areas. For more definition of color you should use a lighter color pencil as a base and then go over a similar color lipstick. Next you will line your lips with either a lipstick or lip liner of a darker color. Purse lips together tightly to seal in the color and blend then apply a gloss.