Vitamin K

Vitamin K

This vitamin can promote hair health. Find it in seafood, eggs, liver, dairy products, green vegetables, figs, cabbage, oatmeal, yogurt, and wheat.


Colorful Eyeliners

Use colorful eyeliners. Switch from your black eyeliner to some new colors like plum, olive green, or indigo.  A black eyeliner may accentuate your eyes to a limit, and are great in general.  However, some colors, even brown, can be softer and bring a look together.


Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial

When to shampoo!

Daily shampooing is not recommended, ethnic hair is dryer than other types of hair, shampooing strips away the oils from your hair so try shampooing once every 3 to 7 days instead.


Foods to help your hair!

Eat more zinc food. Such as: brown rice, oysters, sheep, cattle, pigs, red rice, chicken, pasta, milk, eggs.