Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an edible oil extracted from the kernel or meat of matured coconuts. Throughout the world, it provides the primary source of fat in the diets of millions of people for generations. It is very commonly available and has various applications in food, medicine, skin care products and industry.

Coconut oil works as best moisturizer for skin and purely heals broken dry skin. Commonly available moisturizer comprise mostly of water or petroleum-based ingredient that's why when they are applied skin feels its being moisturized properly. But water dries off leaving skin dry again, and petroleum-based ingredients form a layer over the skin making it suffocate. Whereas coconut oil moisturizes skin deeply. It nourishes underlying tissues and remove extra dead cells on the surface and remove that dry flaky looks. 


Kiwi fights wrinkles!


Helps fighting wrinkles and contains nearly twice more vitamin C than an orange. If you want young and vibrant skin, eat kiwi whenever you can, or simply smash it and apply it on your face.


Get smoother legs with Conditioner!

Shave With Conditioner

If you're out of shaving cream, lather your legs with conditioner instead of soap. Conditioner will soften the hair on your legs making it easier to shave (and it will leave your skin feeling extra silky).


Exercise and Beauty Part 5

Exercise has an overall revitalising effect. Regular exercise also means improved blood circulation to the extremities” the fingers, fingernails, toes and toe nails. In fact, exercise benefits the body as a whole, because it improves the strength of the circulatory and respiratory system, which also means improved oxygenation," says a skin and beauty expert.


Exercise and Beauty Part 4

For your hair
  Exercise helps to promote blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles. This eases the supply of nutrients in the blood stream to the hair follicles. "It promotes hair growth and controls hair loss. It also keeps the scalp healthy and prevents pore clogging," says Husain. With regular exercise, hair follicles are nourished by oxygen-rich blood flow that rushes antioxidants to the area to destroy free radicals before they can damage your hair. An added benefit is that when exercising outdoors, your hair could develop a few sunlit streaks for a natural highlighted effect.


Exercise and Beauty Part 3

Acne prevention
Acne is normally caused by an over-production of sebum that clogs the pores. Sebum is released into the pores on a regular basis, but certain hormones cause an over production such as testosterone and the stress hormone cortisol. Any increase in these hormones corresponds to an increase of acne on the skin.

By exercising, you can correct hormonal imbalances that lead to acne. Exercising relieves stress and lowers cortisol levels in the blood, therefore, eliminating the over production of sebum, which can lead to blocked pores. Additionally, exercising creates sweat. Sweat cleans out pores and removes dead skin cells, oils, and chemicals, which build up over time. By flushing out these toxins, you remove existing acne and also impede any further inflammation that the body has to foreign particles on the skin.


Exercise and Beauty Part 2

Glowing skin
Regular exercise improves the health of the skin by improving blood circulation to the skin surface. This helps to supply essential nutrients to the skin. Aerobic exercise makes you sweat and promotes the removal of toxins through perspiration. Working out tones the skin, improves blood circulation and oxygenation to the skin and so imparts a healthy glow.


Exercise and Beauty Part 1

Wrinkle lift

Exercise is a great deterrent of wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. Exercise supports the production of collagen, a protein that is the support structure of our skin. When you exercise, you strengthen and tone the muscles beneath the skin, making the skin look healthier. The stronger your muscles are, the more support the skin will have and the firmer and more elastic the skin will look.


Be a Beautiful Georgia Peach or just use them to make you more Beautiful!

Peaches & Beauty
Mouthwatering peaches have been a centuries-old favorite of any wise beauty who wanted a youthfully dewy complexion. Today we know that peaches are rich sources of skin-renewing alpha-hydroxy fruit acids which help to slough off dead cells, and vitamins A and C to nourish new ones, all of which help skin to look more vital. Peach juice unclogs pores, banishes blemishes, lightens age spots, and reduces wrinkles, giving skin a fresher and more vital appearance.
We have collected the sweetest crop of peachy ideas ever, and every single one tastes and smells divine. Fabulous formulas for attaining the classic “peaches and cream” complexion, right here:
Two Easy Peach Tricks
1. Just pick a fresh, juicy peach, cut a slice from it, and rub the slice on your face. Leave the juice on for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
2. After you’ve peeled peaches for a pie, save those skins to save your own! Before bed, just massage your face gently with the inside of the peach peelings for a few minutes and then go to sleep. The astringent sag-busting action of the peach juice will give you firmer, fresher skin in the morning.
Peach Moisturizer
This works as beautifully on hands and fingernails as it does on your face or anywhere on your body.
2 tablespoons almond oil
1/2 teaspoon honey
2 teaspoons peach juice
Mix ingredients well and apply all over.
Delicate Skin Mask
This is a gentle mask that is particularly good for minimizing the appearance of little broken capillaries or spider veins.
1/2 ripe peach, peeled and mashed
2 tablespoons plain yogurt
Mix ingredients and apply to skin. Lie down and rest with mixture on for 20 minutes, then rinse and pat dry.
Peach Firming Mask
This works beautifully to tighten sagging skin and minimize enlarged pores. Best for oily skin types.
1 ripe peach, pitted and peeled
1 egg white
Using a blender, whiz peach and egg white until smooth. Apply mixture gently to face and allow to stay on for 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
Nourishing, Hydrating, Soothing Mask
This can’t be beat for babying your skin and making it feel sweetly taken care of. Good for all skin types.
1 ripe peach, pitted and peeled
1 tablespoon honey
Mash peach with honey and add enough oatmeal to form a thick paste. Apply to skin and allow to remain for 10-15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Source: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/peaches-kitchen-cupboard-beauty.html#ixzz2YgELP2wv


The Beauty Benefits of the Steam Room

The Beauty Benefits of the Steam Room
Steam rooms have become a common fixture in many relaxation spots. From spas, to fitness centers, they have gained acceptance, mostly because of the kind of relaxation they offer. But there are many more benefits of the steam room than just stress reduction. There are those who take steam baths because for medical reasons, such as those suffering from fibromyalgia and want pain alleviation. Then there are those who take steam baths for the beauty reasons.
Steam Baths for Your Skin
Most of the benefits of the steam room are taken up by your skin. That’s unsurprising, considering it is the organ that is mostly targeted. With a steam bath, and a raised core temperature, the pores of the skin open up to make the process of sweating more effective. Sweating is a biological mechanism undertaken by the body to bring forth a cooling effect on the body. However it does more than that, as it helps the body get rid of whatever toxins it can. If these are close to your skin, they are effortlessly eliminated.
The heat also causes your veins to become larger and more superficial. While this effect is also meant to eliminate heat waste from your body, the increased flow of blood helps nourish your skin, giving it a healthier appearance.
Those with dry skin also benefit from having their skins hydrated.
Fat Emulsification
Fat is extremely stubborn and hard to eliminate from the body. A steam bath can help, by emulsifying those fats that are close to your skin. This fat, contained in the sebaceous glands, is what contributes to acne, and a steam bath helps get rid of it. Those with oily skins benefit greatly from this, as it reduces the chance of developing acne.
A steam bath increases your metabolism. The increased core temperature gets the body working effortlessly to reduce it. As energy is needed to accomplish this purpose, your metabolism is increased. This won’t contribute significantly to fat loss, but you will enjoy the benefits of having a raised metabolism.
The benefits of the steam room don’t end there, as a steam bath can help in the treatment of cellulite. For those wishing to get rid of the unsightly look that cellulite gives, this is a significant benefit, as it can make you more comfortable in your beach wear.
Glowing Skin
Following a steam bath, your skin will look significantly healthier. It will be sufficiently hydrated so it will be more elastic and more youthful looking. The detoxification will also help in enhancing the glowing look.
Combining these beauty benefits of steam room with the medical ones, it’s clear that there is a lot that stands to be gained. That said you should try having for a steam bath whenever your schedule allows it. Do consult with your physician first if you have pre-existing ailments or suffer from respiratory conditions, such as asthma, before having a steam bath. Also make sure you hydrate adequately before and after a steam bath. Considering how much you are going to sweat, it is gravely important to drink enough water to prevent dehydration.


Applying Fake Lashes with ease.

Applying Natual looking lashes. First, take your falsies and loosen them by gently flexing the eyelash band, then measure your falsies to your natural lashes to make sure your falsies line up with your actual lash line. If there is more lash than eye trim them up a bit. 

Apply glue on your falsies using a Q-tip. Using tweezers (or finger tips if you feel that gives you more control), place your falsies as close to your lash line as possible. Let your lashes dry for a minute before you add a coat of mascara.


Apply Creams in an upward motion for continued youthful skin!

Apply cream or cleanser by lightly pressing upward—never down. The delicate skin sags easily enough in time.


Mangoes and Your skin!

Mango: Rightly called the king of fruits for not just its taste but also for health benefits. The soft pulpy fruit has an amazing effect on skin too. Rich in vitamin-A and rich antioxidants, it fights against skin aging, regenerates skin cells and restores the elasticity of skin.