How to Clean your Ears Properly.

Things You'll Need

Mineral oil Eyedropper Rubber bulb syringe Towel Rubbing alcohol


Extract the mineral oil from the bottle using an eyedropper. Tilt your head sideways and drop several drops of mineral oil into the ear canal.

Keep your head tilted until the mineral oil has penetrated deep into the ear. Repeat this twice daily for one week to ensure that the earwax is loosened.

Warm a small amount of tap water to 98.6 degrees F, or as close to it as possible. Fill the rubber bulb syringe with the warmed water. Pull up on your ear with your free hand, and gently squirt a small amount of the warm water into the ear canal.

Allow the water to drain out of the ear and into the sink. Check for any clogs of earwax. If none appear, repeat until the clog is removed.

Wipe away all excess water from the outer ear using a towel. Fill the eyedropper with rubbing alcohol, and tilt your head to the side. Drop several drops of rubbing alcohol into the ear canal, and wait for several seconds.

Tilt your head in the other direction, and allow the rubbing alcohol to drain out. This will completely dry the inner ear without the use of cotton swabs.

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