Applying Blush for your face shape

In general..

One should apply a powder brush on the apple of the cheek and swipe on your cheekbone toward your hairline. The blush should be applied about 2 finger widths away from your nose , directly beneath the iris of the eye, below the nostril, and very near the hairline.

Oval shaped face - blush brush just under the cheekbone, so that the brush is tapping the brush on your ball  of your cheek. Brush, brush upwards toward temple, to give interest to the center of your face and cotur your cheekbones, always begin very lightly and build.

Round shaped face - apply blush straight across in a 45 degree to define your cheeks. This is where you want to apply the color to the face to

Square shaped face - apply brush with the idea to soften the edges or lines of your face. This

Long Shaped face - apply in the middle and curve a little bit to give your face more of a lift.


Face shape: Heart
Most flattering blush technique: Blend the blush over the lower part of the apple of your cheeks. This will help soften a pointy chin and fill out a narrow jaw area. 

Face shape: Round
Most flattering blush technique: Sweep your blush under your cheekbones and up towards your temples. This will maximize your cheekbones and minimize the fullness of your face. 

Face shape: Square
Most flattering blush technique: Swirl the blush in circular motions on top of the apples of your cheeks. This will downplay an angular bone structure and soften harsh lines. 

Face shape: Long
Most flattering blush technique: Apply the blush on the outer apples of your cheeks, then sweep it straight back to your ears while blending very well to avoid a stripy effect. This will give your face a wider appearance. 

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