Milk of Magnesia

Originally appointed by doctors to relieve constipation and other gastro-intestinal issues, now doctors are recommending milk of magnesia (magnesium hydroxide) for oily skin care. Usually sold now in tablet form, the liquid version is still available. This inexpensive product may be a simple solution for those looking for a remedy to reduce the shiny appearance of oily skin.

Applying it to Your Skin

Since it is usually only sold in a large quantity, you can have a long term solution at a small cost, dividing up a portion of the milk into a smaller container and storing it somewhere convenient until you need more.
Use this product on your skin immediately after washing the face.
  • Cleanse your skin as usual and then pat dry with a towel. Using a cleansing product specially designed for oily skin will help further reduce shine.
  • Using just a thin layer, apply the milk of magnesia all over the face with a cotton ball. You will find the consistency greatly resembles calamine lotion, meaning that just a small amount goes an impressively long way.
  • After your face is completely dried and you have applied the milk of magnesia to your skin, allow it to dry.
  • Apply your regular makeup on top of it if you are planning on wearing cosmetics.

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