The food skin connection

The next time you're at the supermarket, pick up a few food items that will help you get glowing skin naturally. Honey, sugar, and oatmeal often are found in skin care products because of their beneficial properties. These items, which exfoliate or moisturize the skin, show that you don't need to spend a lot of money or resort to a long list of synthetic chemicals to get great skin.
Take a quick look at the moisturizers available in your local beauty store and you'll probably notice a few made from honey. You can make a moisturizing face mask by mixing together high-grade honey, olive oil, and apple cider. After about ten to fifteen minutes, you'll have baby-soft and bright skin. Treat your skin to this face mask about once a week or as needed.
One of the most popular ingredients in skin brightening products, glycolic acid, actually is a sugar derivative. Glycolic acid exfoliates the skin so that new skin can emerge. To get bright and smooth skin without having to spend lots of money on glycolic acid products, create your own sugar scrub by mixing together equal parts sugar and avocado oil or olive oil. Any kind of sugar, including brown and white sugar, will do. After wetting your skin, simply spread on some of the sugar scrub, rub gently in a circular motion, and rinse.
Another item that you can use to get glowing skin naturally is oatmeal. Major cosmetic companies such as Aveeno and St. Ives have products made from oatmeal, which helps your skin lock in moisture. Make an oatmeal mask by grinding up some oatmeal to a powder in a food processor and mixing it with water. You also can put the oatmeal powder into your warm bath for a relaxing soak. Oatmeal is especially helpful for those who suffer from dry and itchy skin.

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