Business: Why Make-Up?

Last night I was eating dinner with a friend and a woman who had discussed purchasing items from the line pulled up a seat.  She seemed nice enough and even complimented me on my make up. The next thing I knew she was asking me about profit margins, and virtually how to start a new business. In general, I am pretty happy to help out anyone but in an instant I discovered she was asking me how to start my business but for her! I couldn't believe my ears and even asked my friend if perhaps I was hearing her incorrectly. While, I certainly would poo on anyone's desire to become an entrepreneur. Unless one is becoming a distributor of my product line, I would rather focus on building my dream for me and my clients and customers. However, that conversation did inspire me to write this article.

Business: Why Make Up?

In general my business began out of my love for make up, beauty and my quest for longer lasting, pigmentation that was both healthy and could be used by everyone. Conversations with a business associate began my quest to create, design and sell my products to the world and thus began this journey.

So far there have been way more highs than lows and I am doing something that I know have truly been called to do. Join me and my company on the way to creating, and designing better cosmetic products for you and your loved ones!

For more information on Lush and Verdant see  LNV or My store for my products. 

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