Dior Eyeshadow Palette Review

Dior Review: 

Dior's Eyeshadow palettes are described by others as an endless possibilities in a seductive range of rich, versatile colours designed for easy application and long wear. 

So of course once I looked at this beautifully created palette I was excited. This excitement was short lived however. The color pay off sucks! 

As a creator, designer, business owner of my own company I of course look for ways that my products can stand out. Whether it is versatility, feel, look, etc. I want my line to be the best. In fact I am very proud to announce that If I don't think my company Lush and Verdant Company can do it better it won't be sold!

 In saying this I must also acknowledge that if a company does it better then kudos and currency! Example: Denise loving other products here

However, I must say that this was a real let down. Dior palettes usually run $60 and upwards, so when I didn't get $5.00 worth of pigment. I was immediately frustrated and confused. Why go to so much trouble to make a such a beautiful arrangement of colors only so they won't show up on the skin?

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