Muslim Women can now wear nail polish!

Muslim Women can now enjoy manicures thanks to a new type of nail polish. A new cosmetic termed 'breathable' nail polish is gaining popularity among Muslim women. They are unable to wear regular polish due to the religious restriction.

Before prayer all Muslims have to wash their hands, arms and face completely. In this pre-pray ritual called Wudu , water must touch every surface.Which is otherwise impossible if a layer of nail polish is covering the nails.
A company from Poland, Inglot Cosmetics, has released a new polish named O2M, which will allow Muslim women to wear polish of their own choice.
A Muslim professor Mustafa Umar explains that there is nothing wrong in wearing nail polish .The main issue behind is impermeable barrier of this substance over the nails, prevents water from getting body surface wet.
Muslim women have been in a mess,either remove and reapply polish before prayer timings.But,the urge to wear nail polish has become so strong, however, they have started to wear a stick-on nail polish. That stick-on nail polish can be easily peeled off before prayer timings.
The O2M polish uses a polymer that is mainly  used in some sort of  contact lenses, which allows oxygen and water to penetrate into the nail.
The validity of the product is checked by the student of Mr.Umar. She painted O2M's enamel and ordinary nail polish  onto a coffee filter separately. She placed a clean filter beneath it. She let the polish dry, place drops of water onto each layer of polish, and waited ten seconds.
The filter beneath the standard polish was dry but it easily soaked beneath the O2M polish- proving it is breathable in fact. 
Whether a manicure is against  the modesty of Muslim women or nail polish should be used by them in public is another issue that Islamic woman may face.
 And aside from all religious contradictions, Range of O2M's 53-shade are already receiving  praise for its long-term staying power.

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