Blush Me Baby (3 different ways to place blush)

Blush Me Baby!!!!

Across the face: 

Exact Placement: From the top of the inner ear to the top of the cheekbone & from the bottom of the inner ear to the top lip. 

Why: to widen the face ex. cheekbones protrude to far, or thin face.

Downside: If face is not slender enough one can look larger.


Exact Placement: Smile: place your hands in the front of your face where your cheeks are, you've found it. 

Why: easy to find, and if YOUNG ENOUGH looks youthful. 

Downside: If not YOUNG ENOUGH, can look clownish, overdone or may cause misplacement when face moves. 


Exact Placement: Smile: touch your cheek, where there is bone, that is your cheekbone, where there is not it is not the cheekbone. 

Why: easy to find, and can "lift" the face.

Downside: may not give enough coverage but usually will. 

For more information on how to place blush, bronzer and highlight you can watch my video here: 

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