Pretty while Pregnant

Pretty While Pregnant
Hormones and weight gain can cause you to look a little unlike yourself , and well that's because you aren't yourself, you are now selves for a little while anyway. Well while you are giving the wonderful gift of life don't forget that you and your appearance are important too.
Here are some tips from Lush and Verdant that may help you look your maternity best.
Keep your hair longer and cut it in layers to frame the face. The more volume, the smaller your face appears. You can also use bronzer and or contour your cheeks and and forehead. Bronzing and contouring helps re-shape the face into a more slenderized look.
For tips on how to contour the face please see this video.
Also don't forget to use an oil free cleanser (unless your body has changed to not like oil-free cleansers) Sometimes pregnancy can cause a surge in hormones that have the body producing more oil that could result in unwanted acne and blemishes.

Hormones can also cause pregnant women to develop sunspots or melasma to parts of their body and face. Use a high SPF on your face every single day and wear a hat when you will be outside to prevent and minimize these sunspots. If this does not prevent some sun spots etc, you can find relieve in such cosmetic brands as Dermablend, and or Fashion Fair.

Above all drink plenty of water. Drinking water helps keep your skin hydrated so you appear even more radiant, and has the added benefit of keeping you from having unecessary contractions due to dehydration.

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